Last year, we asked our Roadies for some urgent support. One of our families, a Mother, teenage daughter (15 years old) and two younger children (aged 10 and 12) were in trouble.

When the girls’ mom passed away, and a week later the teenage daughter gave birth to a child of her own, we had a Child-headed Household with a 15-year old looking after her new-born baby and her two siblings. This child-headed household has no grant, no income and no family able to assist.

Thanks to the outpouring of love from you, our Roadies, all four girls now have beds, clothing, food and essential toiletries. Our local social worker in Ga-Dikgale is currently working to organise the child grants that would make this solution sustainable.

The three older girls were thrilled to go to school proudly in their new school uniforms at the beginning of this year. The infant girl is being looked after by a relative during the day, or she is looked after by the wonderful caregivers at Rekgotleleleng Drop-in Centre.

THANK YOU for making it possible for these girls to live normally and have a chance at their future.

** Due to Child Protection laws, we will not disclose the names of any of the children**